In April 2020, thirst for novelty, connection, and expansion spurred an exquisite-corpses-by-mail project I’d dreamed about starting for years.

Below are some favorites I’m featured in. However, there’s a ton of great work I played no part in beyond the administrative.

At you can

  • view all completed work
  • learn about the artists
  • request to join a future exquisite corpse round
  • commission a corpse

Head: John Vochatzer

Torso: Gene Zielnicki

Legs: Owen Leonard

Feet: Sophia Elson

Head: Ted Wray

Torso: Keith Joe Dick

Legs: Julie Louise

Feet: Sophia Elson

Head: Phil Bonner

Torso: Jayr Pulga

Legs: Pat Redding Scanlon

Feet: Sophia Elson

Head: Sophia Elson

Torso: Michael McConnell

Legs: Ted Wray

Feet: Keith Joe Dick

Head: Hazel Lee Santino

Torso: Keith Joe Dick

Legs: Japhy Riddle

Feet: Sophia Elson

Head: Gene Zielnicki

Torso: Owen Leonard

Legs: Sophia Elson

Feet: Abbey Veffer